Not sure how we can assist you? We can offer a partial or full management service upon your internal resources availability and experience and still provide you with a personalized package fee proposal.

Evaluation of needs in space, furnishings and equipment

Cost of relocation projects

Ask the Projexpace professionals to carry out a cost analysis of your project, and show you how and where you can cut costs.

Involvement with blueprints and scopes of work

Projexpace experts have a well-established track record in the area of relocation. This has given them an in-depth understanding of the practical, everyday requirements of a corporate move. They are in a position to:

Coordination with parties


Your personnel's involvement is the key to success. For this reason, we also offer to coordinate activities with in-house advisory committees of all departments involved: purchasing, sales, IS, communications and public relations, administration and legal services, telecommunications, production, warehousing, and so on.


Coordination of the move, a crucial step

The one phase most likely to compromise a relocation project is the move. This phase can spell success or failure. Don't let the actual move jeopardize your project. Projexpace can handle this aspect, thanks to the following services:

Quite often, managers realize too late just how important it is to properly plan the various phases of a move.

Supervision and follow-up on construction

As needed, Projexpace professionals will carry out supervision on the construction site, ensuring that both budget and schedule are on target:

Management of budget and schedule

Post-project follow-up

Our involvement continues beyond the move: Projexpace provides its support to management and staff, coordinates adjustments and corrections with regard to all the activities covered.