Operations Diagram

The following diagram demonstrates the importance which Projexpace attaches to project management. The client is the focus on every measure taken. Projexpace professionals can intervene at every phase of the process, responding to the client's needs, allowing then yielding to carry out their regular business activities.

Charte Client

Make no mistake!

While many offer "management" as a bonus with their mandate, none have made project management in business relocation their primary activity, and none have expertise in every facet of this activity.

Projexpace does nothing but relocation management, providing you with an overview of your project and support throughout, with painstaking attention to detail.

And since payment is in the form of professional fees, Projexpace can be fully neutral and objective in its handling of the project.

Avoid costly mistakes and waste of time. Call on the real experts, and you will win from start to finish.

From the smallest to the largest project

Regardless of the size of your project, a mistake can compromise its success. This is why Projexpace partners agree to become involved at any phase of a project, no matter its size. They bring their expertise to the benefit of companies, where and when needed.

From a workstation to a production line

Thanks to special agreements with engineering experts, Projexpace can help you on any industrial relocation or expansion project.

More than boxes and machines

The success of a relocation project depends on the involvement and coordination of employees. The Projexpace team is used to relieving tensions generated by change, and serves as an interface between various parties involved and employees, involving them in a project to ensure minimal disruption to their day-to-day activities.


Projexpace distinguishes itself by the flexibility of the services it offers. For this reason, our compensation is based exclusively on a pre-established fee structure set according to the scope of our involvement in the project , as needed to carry out your project successfully.

Professionals at Projexpace are the first in Project Management because they were the pioneers in this field and to this day, remain the leaders in this industry. They are first as well, because they are the first professionals to be contacted when developing a project.

Why Projexpace ?

For the expertise

Projexpace experts offer more than 50 years combined experience in the physical reorganization and relocation of companies of all types, everywhere in North America and Europe.

Too often, a company executive will be forced to assume responsibility for planning a move, in addition to his regular schedule. As a result, he will not only have to shoulder the stress and pressure of this type of project, for which he has little experience, but he will be unable to carry out his job efficiently, for a period that could extend anywhere from six to twenty-four months (a project's normal timeframe).

For the flexibility

Projexpace offers services adapted to your needs: a turnkey project for those who have neither the time nor the resources to carry out a relocation project, or periodic intervention for companies wishing to benefit from the services of an expert in one or several phases of their relocation project. In all instances, our intervention follows and evaluation of the situation, and our mandates are carried out in a spirit of transparency with the client.

In addition, Projexpace experts are available days, nights and weekends, depending on the requirements of your project.

For the profitability

For most companies, relocation projects are special occurences which fall outside the framework of their normal activities. For the professionals at Projexpace, however, these projects are routine. As a result, we are in a better position to evaluate and control the human and financial resources involved in the project. We can also obtain better prices from outside suppliers allowing you to benefit from our buying power, since we use the services of these suppliers on a regular basis. Finally, we can help you avoid costly mistakes and omissions, and free you to carry out your day-to-day activities.

Recognized Expertise

Projexpace has been one of the first Quebec firms to offer the exclusive services of a multidisciplinary team capable of meeting the full range of corporate relocation needs. Prestigious companies such as Nortel, Bell Mobility, Telefilm Canada, Telus Communications Quebec, Caisse de dépôt et placement, National Bank, several CLSCs and other organizations have entrusted all or part of their relocation project management to Projexpace. A more comprehensive list of our clients and references is available upon request.


In 1996 Johanne Laurin founded Puzzle, known today as Projexpace.

With a Certificate in Administration and a training in Environment Design, Johanne holds more than 15 years experience as Project Manager of relocations, extensions and reallocations for privately-owned or public companies.

After having held several management positions in international companies and with a strong worldwide experience, comes a need to meet the customers' requirements in their process of space reorganization, either as a Consultant or as outsourcing.

Upon completion of Nortel's relocation of 1,200 workstations in 1998, more important projects arise and her team has to expand.

Johanne and her team now have more than 100 projects to their credit, varying between 2,000 and 300,000 sq. ft and between 10 and 1,600 workstations.

Prestigious clients trust Projexpace and make a contribution to its reputation and success.

Johanne Laurin